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Development of an Energy Efficiency Programme for the Brazilian Market

To develop a structured energy efficiency programme for the implementation and financing of EE projects in the commercial and industrial sectors of Brazil.


15° 46' 46.92" S, 47° 55' 46.92" W
Main activity and output: 
  • Develop the strategic plan;
  • Identify the focus markets per sector and regions;
  • Structure acceptance criteria for project approval;
  • Prepare the detailed business plan;
  • Develop a marketing strategy, including partnerships with financial institutions and other organisations;
  • Initiate the dissemination strategy;
  • Develop a final report for REEEP on the project realisation.
Expected impact: 
  • Facilitation of an operational and sustainable initial EE programme, including an adapted €8 million EE fund to cover its financing needs;
  • Increased level of funding and of activities for the programme, further leveraging the REEEP initial investment;
  • Capacity building of Petrobras employees and information dissemination to potential beneficiaries and other potential stakeholders.