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Establish Pacific Micro Energy Service Companies (PMESCOs)

To establish and operate a micro energy service company with a micro credit facility to increase the use of small solar Photovoltaic (PV) LED Lighting systems in remote rural areas of Solomon Islands and Kiribati.

To quantify the carbon emission reductions achieved with the replacement of kerosene lights by small solar PV LED lighting systems.


Solomon Islands
9° 25' 59.988" S, 159° 56' 60" E
0° 52' 9.1812" S, 169° 32' 27.6" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Purchase, sale and installation of the Light Up the World (LUTW) solar LED systems (5 W panel, 2 LED lights and a battery) through the Micro-Energy Service Companies (MESCOs) in the Solomon Islands and Kiribati;
  • Identify and train local entrepreneurs in the assembling, installation and maintenance of 90 small solar PV LED Lighting systems to be supported by a micro-credit scheme;
  • Develop a Project Identification Note (PIN) for carbon emission reductions (est. 121 tonnes over a ten year period);
Expected impact: 
  • Replace the use of kerosene for lighting in 90 rural households and therefore reduce dependency on kerosene;
  • Create a micro credit facility for the increased deployment of the solar energy technology and energy efficient LED lighting in Kiribati and Solomon Islands;
  • Recipients benefiting will improve their standard of living through better access to modern lighting, leading to the creation of income generating activities at night and improving children's education, therefore contributing to alleviate poverty;
  • Identify the challenges and recommendations in the participation of the Solomon Islands and Kiribati in the carbon market mechanisms.