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Harmonisation Roadmap Development on Government Procurement for EE Products among APEC countries

To develop a harmonisation roadmap for government  procurement for energy efficient products through market and policy research.


13° 45' 0" N, 100° 31' 1.2" E
South Korea
37° 33' 59.04" N, 127° 0' 0" E
39° 55' 44.04" N, 116° 23' 16.8" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Assess policy in three to five chosen APEC economies including a review of existing purchasing policies, regulations, and practices, and evaluate policy barriers for procurement policy harmonisation;
  • Review existing energy efficiency criteria (testing, labeling, and procurement), evaluate technical barriers, and prioritise product categories for harmonisation;
  • Organise an APEC international workshop on procurement policy harmonisation to bring together procurement officials and experts on energy efficiency standards, labels and product testing to explore harmonisation opportunities and detailed schemes among APEC economies;
  • Develop a harmonisation roadmap for government procurement to allow direct follow-up of harmonisation activities.
Expected impact: 
  • Contribution to the facilitation of APEC energy efficiency market transformation and trade liberalisation through the development of a harmonisation roadmap;
  • Increased international cooperation to facilitate the development of harmonised energy efficiency standards and labels;
  • Promotion and dissemination of successful experience and good practice of government procurement policy for energy efficiency products.