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Millennium Development Goal Financing Facility (MDGFF) ? Participatory Business Planning

To lift significant numbers of the poor out of poverty through their ownership of financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable ventures, utilising renewables and energy efficiency - provided services and infrastructures.


28° 36' 0" N, 77° 12' 0" E
39° 55' 44.04" N, 116° 23' 16.8" E
15° 46' 46.92" S, 47° 55' 46.92" W
Main activity and output: 

Development of a business plan for the Energy - MDG Facility, including:

  • Governance and Agreements
  • Establish the Facility
  • Define the Operational Structure                   
  • Selection and Grant-Making Procedures
  • Define Monitoring and Evaluation System
  • Define Facility Services and Technical Assistance                                                                                                            
  • Legal
  • Production of required legal documents
  • Launch of Pilot Facility

Once operational the Facility will draw on various sources for: grant and equity funds (e.g.,Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione Monte dei Paschi) to scale up partner venture creation activities and to create new partners; equity investment in the ventures (local sources and GEEREF); and debt (Consorzio Etimos/local sources).

Expected impact: 
  • Expansion of the number of participating entrepreneurs in the models developed by the existing MOSAICO partners.
  • Expansion of partners by at least four in the first year of operation to begin the 3-4 year cycle of assessment, venture selection, pilot project, and replication through which each partner will, in turn, create small ventures in Brazil and Mozambique.