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Panzhihua?s Pilot Action towards Sustainable Energy City

To develop an innovative toolkit with the Panzhihua Sustainable Energy City Plan and Action Plan, to improve Panzhihua's capacity of RE&EE policy & market development and establish an integral system with cross-sectoral mechanism.


39° 55' 44.04" N, 116° 23' 16.8" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Investigate and assess Panzhihua clean energy status quo
  • Train local stakeholders on renewables and energy efficiency
  • Develop Guidelines of Panzhihua SEC Planning and Sustainable Energy Project Manual
  • Develop Panzhihua SEC Plan & Action Plan
  • Mobilise Local stakeholders to develop plans
  • Develop two pilot sub-projects within framework of Panzhihua SEC Plan
  • Summarise and disseminate experiences
  • Establish a Public-Private-Partnership based network
Expected impact: 
  • Mainstreaming of sustainable energy plans into city planning system
  • Ensure enough energy supply, environment improvement and economic development by promoting sustainable energy
  • Act as a showcase for illustrating that local participation at city level is the effective and optimal approach to achieving clean energy
  • Disseminate the methodologies and toolkit of energy planning and management to local stakeholders
  • Encourage city energy planners to follow the approach to integrate energy issues with other issues, directly contribute to achieving the MDGs
  • Facilitate additional REEEP outcomes relating to REEEP priorities through its synergistic relations with Sustainable City Programme in Panzhihua.